Wild Things by Alessia Cara

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“Wild Things”

Find table space to say your social graces
Bow your heads, they’re pious here, but you and I, we’re pioneers
We make our own rules, our own room, no bias here
Let ’em sell what they are sellin’, there are no buyers here

So gather all the rebels now, we’ll rabble-rouse and sing aloud
We don’t care what they say, no way, no way
And we will leave the empty chairs to those who say we can’t sit there
We’re fine all by ourselves

So aye, we brought our drum and this is how we dance
No mistakin’, we make our breaks, if you don’t like our 808s
Then leave us alone, cause we don’t need your policies
We have no apologies for being…

Find me where the wild things are
We’ll be alright, don’t mind us, yeah
Find me where the wild things are
We’ll be just fine, don’t mind us, yeah
Find me where the wild things are

I lose my balance on these eggshells
You tell me to tread
I’d rather be a wild one instead
Don’t wanna hang around the in crowd,
The cool kids aren’t cool to me,
They’re not cooler than we are

So aye, we brought our drum and this is how we dance
No mistakin’, we make our breaks, if you don’t like our 808s
Then leave us alone, cause we don’t need your policies
We have no apologies for being…

Find me where the wild things are
We’ll be alright, don’t mind us, yeah
Find me where the wild things are
We’ll be just fine, don’t mind us, yeah

We will carve our place into time and space
We will find our way, or we’ll make a way, say hey, hey
Hey find your grace, don’t you hide your face
And let it shine, shine, shine, shine, shine, shine

So aye, we brought our drum and this is how we dance
No mistakin’, we make our breaks, if you don’t like our 808s
Then leave us alone, cause we don’t need your policies
We have no apologies for being…

Find me where the wild things are
We’ll be alright, don’t mind us, yeah
Find me where the wild things are
We’ll be just fine, don’t mind us, yeah
Find me where the wild things are

source: AZLYRICS


“Wild Things is an anthem. It’s written like an anthem, the production is very anthem-like, and the lyrics are very anthem-like, and I wanted it to be like that. I wanted it to be something that people could really sing along to and believe in, because it’s such an important message, and it’s really about accepting yourself. Whether you’re young, or old, or whatever your circumstances are. Oftentimes, people constantly tell us that we are not good enough for that, and we’re not going to do anything with ourselves. And that’s not true obviously, and this is a song about saying, ‘I don’t care what you say, and I don’t care what you do to try to stop me from being happy. I’m going to be happy, and we’re gonna just do whatever we want.” -Alessia Cara

Source: iheartradio

My Opinion:

For me, Wild Things is a song that makes me feel like it’s okay to be different, that life should happen the way I want it to be, by own choices and my own rules.  In a world that profits from your self-doubt, appreciating yourself is an act of rebellion. So being who you are and being a good person are two different things. People are going to tell you that you’re wrong or you can’t do something, but screw them. We can make our own rules.

And it’s also about being empowered. We, as teenagers, should be able to express ourselves without boundary, in form of opinion or even action. We should believe that we can do anything and no one can stop us.

I think it’s also about loving yourself. At some points, your parents and friends aren’t going to support you but you have to be okay with that and keep doing the right thing for yourself. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes, it’s okay to only care for yourself and not for the others, therefor, it’s okay to love yourself. So many years of education, yet nobody ever taught us how to love ourselves and why it’s important. We deserve the love that we think we deserve.


Old Trafford

Old Trafford

Key facts

Club: Manchester United FC | Opening: 1910 | Capacity: 75,811 seats

History and description

In the first decade of the 20th century, Manchester United played their home matches at a 50,000-stadium at Bank Street, when then president Davies began planning for a new stadium with double that capacity. A site was chosen near Trafford Park industrial estate, and architect Archibald Leitch was appointed to design the stadium.

Old Trafford officially opened on the 19th of February 1910 with a match between Manchester and Liverpool (3-4). The stadium at that time consisted of one covered seating stand and open terraces on the other three sides. Capacity was slightly over 80,000.

Few changes were made to the stadium until the construction of a roof over the United Road terrace in 1934.

In 1939, Old Trafford recorded its highest attendance of 76,962 during an FA Cup semi-final match between Wolves and Grimsby Town.

Due to its proximity to Trafford Park industrial estate, Old Trafford got heavily damaged by German air raids during World War 2. It took eight years to rebuilt the stadium, the delays being caused by limited post-war resources, and during that time United played at Maine Road, the ground of rivals Manchester City.

In 1949, Man United moved back to a reconstructed, though smaller, Old Trafford. Incremental improvements and expansions were made in the following decades, which culminated in the complete renovation of the United Road (North) Stand in the 1960s. This stand also held the first private boxes to be constructed at a British ground.

Old Trafford was one of the playing venues of the 1966 World Cup, during which it hosted three group matches. In those years, the capacity of the stadium fluctuated around 60,000.

Old Trafford got gradually further improved in the 1970s and 1980s, including new and better cover, increased seating areas, and improved executive facilities. At the same time, however, the rise of hooliganism also resulted in the installation of security fences separating the stands from the pitch.

In the early 1990s, plans were made to convert the stadium into an all-seater. This involved the demolition and replacement of the famous Stretford End terraces and the placement of seats in the lower-tiers of the other stands.

Old Trafford got selected to be one of the playing venues of the 1996 European Championships, and as a result a new North Stand opened in 1995. By the start of Euro 1996 the stadium could hold about 56,000 fans.

During the Euro 1996 tournament, Old Trafford hosted three group matches, a quarter-final, and the semi-final between the Czech Republic and France (0-0).

In the years following, second tiers were added to the East and West Stand, raising capacity to 68,000 seats.

In 2006, the stadium reached its current capacity when stands got built in the upper-tier corners on both sides of the North Stand.

Old Trafford hosted its only European final in 2003, when the Champions League final between Milan and Juventus (0-0) was played at the stadium.

In 2011, the stadium’s North Stand got renamed Sir Alex Ferguson Stand in honour of the club’s long-time manager.

Old Trafford’s South Stand remains the only two-tiered stand of the stadium, but expansion possibilities are limited due to the railway line that runs behind the stand. While Man United has indicated that a further expansion to 95,000 seats remains a possibility, no concrete plans exist at the moment.

(photos of the present Old Trafford below)

How to get to Old Trafford

Old Trafford is located just over 2 miles south-west from Manchester’s city centre and just under 3 miles from Manchester Piccadilly Station.

If arriving by car from the M60, take junction 7&8 and turn onto Chester Road (A56) northbound. Follow Chester Road for about 2 miles and turn left onto Sir Matt Busby Way (access closed on matchdays).

If using public transport, the stadium is best reached by Metrolink overground metro. From Piccadilly Station it is a 15-minute journey to Old Trafford station, which lies a 5-minute walk away from the stadium.

On matchdays a special train service is provided from most Manchester city centre stations to Old Trafford Stadium rail station.

Address: Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 0RA

Eat, drink, and sleep near Old Trafford

Old Trafford is located in an area that is a mix of residential housing and offices and light industry. The area lacks excitement, though there are a good few hotels around if you wish to stay close to the stadium.

Hotel Football Manchester, backed by a number of former United players such as Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, lies right next to the stadium and gets great reviews. Chesters Hotel, Trafford Hall Hotel, and Old Trafford Loge are also at short walking distance and significantly cheaper.

There are also various hotels a little further north around the quays, which includes such chains as Ibis Budget, Ramada, and Holiday Inn Express. For an overview of all hotels near Old Trafford click here. There are naturally also many options in Manchester’s city centre, a short Metrolink journey away, though these hotels tend to be a little more expensive.

The few pubs close to the stadium fill up quickly on matchdays, so it may be wiser to eat and drink in the centre. In particular the Deangate Locks and Castlefield area are perfectly situated on the Metrolink.

Manchester United Tickets

Tickets for Manchester United games can only be bought online.

Match tickets for league games tend only to go on sale for club members. The cheapest membership costs £32.00 per year. Even though Manchester United almost always play for a full house, tickets for games against lower-profile teams will often be easily available for club members if bought in advance, especially for seats at the upper tiers.

Ticket prices range from £31.00 for a lower-tier seat behind one of the goals to £53.00 for a central seat at the Sir Alex Ferguson or South Stand.

You can find a seating plan here. Call +44 (0) 161 868 8000 for more information.

Old Trafford stadium tours

Manchester United organise guided stadium tours that include the dugouts, players tunnel, and the Manchester United Museum. The tour lasts about 80 minutes, which does not include time spent in the museum.

Tours run seven days a week except matchdays and only run until 1:00 pm the day before a European home match. Tours run about every 30 minutes between 10:00 am and 4:30 pm, but opening times and frequency depend on the season. The museum is opened from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, but closes on weekend matchdays and three hours before a non-weekend match.

Pre-booking of tours is not required, but highly recommended as limited places are available. Bookings can be made online.

The tour costs £18.00. For more information call +44 (0) 161 868 8000 or email toursenquiry@manutd.co.uk.


 Taken from http://www.stadiumguide.com/oldtrafford/

O L D   T R A F F O R D   L E G O

taken from https://ideas.lego.com/projects/91797


taken from https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-of-the-mind-blowing-facts-about-Old-Trafford-football-stadium

1. The Museum – Opening in 1998, the Museum displays tons of franchise memorabilia from the past 97 years. Included in the three-level museum are trophies such as the European Cup. The Museum attracts more than 200,000 visitors a year.

2. The Red Tunnel – Ever since 1993, Manchester United players have been storming out of the red tunnel prior to the game.

3. The Exterior – Old Trafford is the perfect combination of a historic yet modern building. The exterior boasts a glass wall with a neon Manchester United logo across the middle. One of the more creative features of the stadium is the large soccer ball that is stuck in the glass. The ball looks as if someone kicked a ball halfway through the panes. There is also a statue of legendary former manager, Sir Alexander Matthew Busby in the front.

4. Old Trafford has a heater under the grass to melt any snow that may fall on the field during the game.

5. Old Trafford was nicknamed the “Theatre of Dreams” by former United star, Sir Bobby Charlton.

6. Old Trafford’s total attendance in the 2005/06 season was 1,705,696 fans.

7. The venue suffered a big hit (literally) when it was bombed in 1941 during World War II. Old Trafford eventually re-opened in 1949.

8. It is the only stadium in England that has the prestigeous UEFA five-star rating – the ranking system for soccer venues around the world.

My Incredibly Unexciting Holiday

This holiday turns out to be a “tiny” disaster. It started with the fact that I’m standing on the fine line between being ambitious and being a careless person. I have to accept that I have to attend SP for Physics and Math. AAAAAAARGH! While I was having SP, my twin sister and my cousins spent their holiday on exploring Bandung. They went to Taman Lalu Lintas, Museum Geologi, going to cinema and more. But I was sitting on a chair, in a very stressful class with a glimpse of hope that I could pass the SP. I mean, kontrak ulang would be a nightmare I guess. The first test that I had was Physics and then I had Math test. So, that’s enough with my horrible SP experience.

I have never been in a riot. Like, literally inside of it. But that night changed it all.

Let’s go back to the beginning. On the last day of 2015, my family and I went to Sumedang to celebrate New Year’s Eve with my big family. I ate a lot of food like siomay, roasted corn, sausage, spaghetti, sate and more. I felt like I was in heaven, laying on top of mountain that’s made of food. Anyway, the celebration was held in my Grandma’s brother’s house, I can see fireworks light up the night sky, it was pretty cool. After that, I went to my Grandma’s house. But, I was stuck in the middle of a very chaotic riot. It was sooo crazy. Like people were “menggerung-gerung” their motorcycle. For god’s sake, did those people lost their brains or were they born brainless? I was so pissed off, I could have screamed, “Shut up and shove your ugly motorcycle into the garbage because nobody gives a damn about it.” But thank God I didn’t. They would probably beat the hell out of me if I did so. So yeah, my family and I were literally stuck in a riot. But thank God, soon after the people went crazy, like literally crazy, the police came and they caught the people who were causing riots. So that’s my experience of being stuck inside of a riot.

The rest of my holiday went good. My sister and I went to the cinema to see Negeri Van Oranje. We thought it was a good movie. We enjoyed watching it. The movie also gave us the inspiration to study abroad. and so the rest of the holiday I spent with watching The Chainsmokers and MAGCON on Youtube with  my sister. My sister is a huge fan of The Chainsmokers so she watch them everyday.

on the last day of my incredibly unexciting holiday, my sister and I decided to watch videos of Tomorrowland Festival. We spent hours on watching them until we realise that it was 5 am and then we get ready for school. So yeah, until this second. I haven’t sleep. That’s all about my incredibly unexciting holiday. See you!


Hello! So now, I’m going to tell you about Gamarvani first. Gamarvani is an art festival held by SMAN 3 Bandung. It was held on Saturday, 19th of September 2015.🌛

I woke up a bit late on Saturday, my parents had left to the hospital because my Mom was going to gave birth. Well, she was supposed to gave birth to my little sister on Saturday, but there wasn’t any sign that she was going to gave birth that day. So they went to the doctor. Nah, it’s confusing.

I left after Dzuhur with my twin sister. It was hot, but I didn’t mind. I was so excited to see the performances on Gamarvani. Yep, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HIVI! My sister and I got there by 1 p.m.. BUT, there was a disappointing experience. KANST took my perfume. 😥 I knew I was wrong for bringing perfume in my bag, because it was prohibited to bring perfume to the venue. But still, I was disappointed because it was my new perfume. Anyway, I met my friends inside the venue. I bought a green tea drink and it tasted soooooooooo good (probably because my sister bought it for me, so I don’t have to pay hahaha). 🙆 And then we walked around the venue and saw a lot of people playing traditional games.

After that, Erin, Nia, Yasmin and I watched Sasadana. Sasadana was so cool! They were like Indonesian version of Clean Bandit. I remembered on that day, Alya, Dizza and Faris were competing in Debating Championship. I wished that they will get the 1st place because I believe that they are amazing debaters. 💪So I sent messages to Dizza, to support them. I met my friends from Junior High School, we took pictures together. And then we watched MK3.


After Maghrib, I was super excited to see HiVi and Adera. My sister and I waited for awhile to see Adera because he was late. But that’s okay, because we enjoyed his performance.

Finally, the one that I’ve been waiting for! HIVIIIIIIIIIII! 💓 The screen on the stage opened like a door and then they walked into the stage, it was so cool! I couldn’t help myself from screaming on the top of my lungs when I saw them, yeah that was lame but I don’t really care. But hey, I wasn’t the only one who was screaming. The crowd sang along with HiVi. The moon and stars shine so bright and it was a beautiful night. 🎆

My uncle was waiting for me when I came out of the venue, and then he told me that my Mom had gave birth to my little sister at 9:31p.m.. I was so happy when I heard that. 👶


Gamarvani gave me a numinous feeling. It’s like when something great happened to you and you feel completely empty after it ends. And what’s after that? Nothing. I think I would never forget that day. Overall, I think it was one of the best day of my life.

And by the way, Alya, Dizza and Faris got the first place in the Debating Championship! I’m so happy for them. 🏆

Dialog: Complimenting.

Rosa: Hey, Lora. What’s up?

Lora: Hi, Rosa. It’s been a long time since the last time we met.

Rosa: By the way, what a nice watch you have!

Lora: Oh, thank you. My dad bought it for me last week.

Rosa: It has a nice colour! I like it.

Lora: Thanks. I like yours too. Who bought it for you?

Rosa: Thanks, Lora. My mom bought it for me three months ago.

Lora: You look gorgeous with your watch on. It suits you just right.

Rosa: Thank you so much, Lora. I have to go, it’s nice to see you.

Lora: It’s nice to see you, too. Bye, Rosa!

Rosa: Bye, Lora!


meet my new friend.

Hello! Now I’m gonna tell you about my new friend.

I have a new friend, her name is Ismi Fauziyyah. She was born on Bandung, 26th of October 2000. She is fourteen years old now. She lives on Jl. Sumbawa number 111. She has a little brother, his name is Rizky.

Now I’m gonna tell you about her favorite things. Her hobby is reading novel, her favorite color is pink, her favorite food is fish, her favorite drink is milk, her favorite kinds of movies are romantic and horror, her favorite music genre is pop, her favorite artist is Ariana Grande, her favorite football club is Barcelona, her favorite fruits are apple, banana and avocado, her favorite cartoon characters are Mickey Mouse and Baymax.

Here are some facts about her: Her weight is 39 kg, her height is 155 cm and her shoes number is 36/37.

I think she is a very nice and happy person. She’s kind of talkative but she is a good friend.

So that’s all about my new friend.

Yours Truly,