meet my new friend.

Hello! Now I’m gonna tell you about my new friend.

I have a new friend, her name is Ismi Fauziyyah. She was born on Bandung, 26th of October 2000. She is fourteen years old now. She lives on Jl. Sumbawa number 111. She has a little brother, his name is Rizky.

Now I’m gonna tell you about her favorite things. Her hobby is reading novel, her favorite color is pink, her favorite food is fish, her favorite drink is milk, her favorite kinds of movies are romantic and horror, her favorite music genre is pop, her favorite artist is Ariana Grande, her favorite football club is Barcelona, her favorite fruits are apple, banana and avocado, her favorite cartoon characters are Mickey Mouse and Baymax.

Here are some facts about her: Her weight is 39 kg, her height is 155 cm and her shoes number is 36/37.

I think she is a very nice and happy person. She’s kind of talkative but she is a good friend.

So that’s all about my new friend.

Yours Truly,



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