My Incredibly Unexciting Holiday

This holiday turns out to be a “tiny” disaster. It started with the fact that I’m standing on the fine line between being ambitious and being a careless person. I have to accept that I have to attend SP for Physics and Math. AAAAAAARGH! While I was having SP, my twin sister and my cousins spent their holiday on exploring Bandung. They went to Taman Lalu Lintas, Museum Geologi, going to cinema and more. But I was sitting on a chair, in a very stressful class with a glimpse of hope that I could pass the SP. I mean, kontrak ulang would be a nightmare I guess. The first test that I had was Physics and then I had Math test. So, that’s enough with my horrible SP experience.

I have never been in a riot. Like, literally inside of it. But that night changed it all.

Let’s go back to the beginning. On the last day of 2015, my family and I went to Sumedang to celebrate New Year’s Eve with my big family. I ate a lot of food like siomay, roasted corn, sausage, spaghetti, sate and more. I felt like I was in heaven, laying on top of mountain that’s made of food. Anyway, the celebration was held in my Grandma’s brother’s house, I can see fireworks light up the night sky, it was pretty cool. After that, I went to my Grandma’s house. But, I was stuck in the middle of a very chaotic riot. It was sooo crazy. Like people were “menggerung-gerung” their motorcycle. For god’s sake, did those people lost their brains or were they born brainless? I was so pissed off, I could have screamed, “Shut up and shove your ugly motorcycle into the garbage because nobody gives a damn about it.” But thank God I didn’t. They would probably beat the hell out of me if I did so. So yeah, my family and I were literally stuck in a riot. But thank God, soon after the people went crazy, like literally crazy, the police came and they caught the people who were causing riots. So that’s my experience of being stuck inside of a riot.

The rest of my holiday went good. My sister and I went to the cinema to see Negeri Van Oranje. We thought it was a good movie. We enjoyed watching it. The movie also gave us the inspiration to study abroad. and so the rest of the holiday I spent with watching The Chainsmokers and MAGCON on Youtube with  my sister. My sister is a huge fan of The Chainsmokers so she watch them everyday.

on the last day of my incredibly unexciting holiday, my sister and I decided to watch videos of Tomorrowland Festival. We spent hours on watching them until we realise that it was 5 am and then we get ready for school. So yeah, until this second. I haven’t sleep. That’s all about my incredibly unexciting holiday. See you!


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